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For our New Students

Finding out what Halloween is like.

If you are interested in meeting people and families who live in and near Bloomington, sharing conversation, and understanding a little of culture outside of IU, BWF will match you with a local people who would like to learn about you and your country.

We are not accepting applications at the moment.

Be careful when you walk around Bloomington. If you are new to the U.S., the traffic rules may be different from your country. Here is some info about safely walking around campus and the city in general.

If you are new to the US, here is some info about walking our streets.

For our Community Ambassador Members

Who can resist Basketball?

Getting to know an international student is rewarding. You learn about their culture and you show them about ours. Our purpose is to provide social interactions with the students. We do not provide live-in accommodations.

For more information┬╗ see the “For Hosts/Members” pages listed to the right on each page..

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