>Introduction to BWF


Each semester hundreds of new students from abroad enroll at Indiana University.  Many have not visited a foreign country before and some have not been away from home and family for more than a few weeks.  Some may have brought their spouse and children with them.

International students often do not get to know American society beyond the school environment and some travel.  They may stay by themselves or bond only with others from their home country.  Our ways of feeling and acting will remain foreign to them and a great opportunity to lessen misunderstanding in the world might be lost.  Bloomington Worldwide Friendship (BWF) seeks to help these students become part of our community.  To accomplish this, BWF

  • welcomes them and introduces them to Indiana University and the Bloomington community,
  • matches them with individuals and families in order to foster cross-cultural friendships,
  • and assists them in getting settled.

In return the students help these individuals and families to get to know the world through its people.