>>BWF History


BWF started as a group to assist international students at Indiana University in 1953.  BWF matches international students with community members and families every semester.  The idea is to introduce the international visitor to the mid-west version of the US culture.  The BWF host is not providing a place to live, but rather, a friend who knows the customs of the society. Since its inception, Bloomington Worldwide Friendship has been a major source of hospitality and friendship to thousands of visiting students and scholars.  Many of the friendships extend for many years past those that students spend at IU and can expand to include parents and spouses.  All it takes is a first step such as a invitation to meet for coffee at a local coffee house.

BWF is a not-for-profit, 501(C)3 volunteer organization.  While not affiliated with Indiana University, it enjoys a close working relationship with the IU Office of International Services.

BWF invites the community to join in lending support and offering friendship to Indiana University’s international students.  Its volunteers and members appreciate the diverse customs and cultures of our international students and embrace the opportunity to learn and share.