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In 2017, BWF created a winter event for our international students to share the food and customs of their country with other BWF members and students.  Our, first ever, International Dinner.  It was a potluck shared meal with food for many countries.  More than 60 people attended,   The second part of the evening was an opportunity for the students to share something about their specific country.  We had dancing, singing, instrumental performance, show and tell of native garb, a presentation about taking a dance troupe to a foreign county as a cultural exchange, and a display of art influenced by the student’s culture.  A great time was had by all who attended.  See more pictures of his event here.  In 2018 we will “do it again” on January 21, from 5 PM to 8:00 PM at the First United Church, 2420 E. 3rd St.

Early in the new year, BWF encourages members and students to attend a Women’s Basketball game.    See our pictures from previous years. 





What is more American than baseball?  And IU has some good teams to watch.  game_in_progree._4WebjpgSee some photos of a previous baseball outing.

In the spring each year BWF holds an Potluck/YearEnd celebration .   American Square Dance has been our choice of things to do at this meeting for the past few years; participants can bring their dancing shoes and join in.  In 2018, we plan to have this celebration on April 8.  The specifics of this year’s event will be sent out to members.

So that you can see some of what happens at the potluck, we provide some pictures from our potluck which celebrated the 60th anniversary for BWF as an organization.  See how we all celebrated the occasion.







BWF appreciates the support of all its members who act as hosts to the foreign students who come to Indiana University.  After the school year closes, we honor the members with a Member Appreciation Event.  This event also acts as an Annual Meeting with a report to the members of the status of the organization.  Invitations will be sent to members in good standing.