>>Application: Be a Bloomington Ambassador

BWF collects a membership fee before matching a Bloomington area family with students. The membership fee is $25 per BWF ambassadorial family. There is no fee for students to apply to be matched. The funds from membership fees are used for supplies used at BWF joint events to which members and students are invited. The membership fees also support the running of this web site used to communicate with potential new members and international visitors, The fee can be sent to Bloomington Worldwide Friendship, P.O.Box 5425, Bloomington, IN 47407 or you may use PayPal to use your credit card to pay dues

Single or couples can be ambassadors.
Street, City, State, ZIP
Cell and/or home please specify which
This helps us match interests, Retired if you are such.
Boy name/age, girl name/age
Hobbies, regular activities, interests such as movies, reading, hiking, sports. We try to match your interests with those of the visitors.
Visiting Scholars are teachers who come to IU for projects that may last from 3 months to multiple years. They are often mature individuals possibly with families.
BWF reaches out to all people regardless of religious beliefs, ethnic background, and gender orientation and we hope you can too.
We cannot guarantee to match the field of study.
No-you cannot handle, Smoking allowed if outside or other accommodations.
Visitors may have medical and cultural restrictions as to what they may eat or drink and when. If you cannot handle a restriction, please specify or answer the question in the negative.
Students may be more comfortable when there are multiple young people together so we recommend two at a time unless it is a family.
A visitor may be apprehensive about pets, especially ones who a kept in the house. Some visitors may have allergies to pet dander.
This information helps us reach out to others.
Checking the box above acknowledges that BWF may use your email to communicate with you. Communication may come from our secretary or via a bulk email system by the name of Mailchimp.