>>>Picnic Lake Lemon

We ask people to check in and get a badge since this is often the first time that BWF gets all of the hosts and students together.


The weather can be rainy if we have the picnic in late September but the positive thing is that the trees may be in full color.  Even with overcast skies, Lake Lemon is a beautiful place to visit in the Fall.



One of the first things to do is to set the tables. Then the food flows in. HereComeFood








The tables overflow with food and after a welcome and directions on where the main course and desserts can be found, the eating begins.












Lots of conversation is shared at the tables along with the food.FoodConv2-300x170






And there is time for pictures and cross cultural exchange.HostStudent1-300x178




After a good meal, let the games begin.  For some, the American football is a really odd thing to try to throw.

Games5-199x300 Games4-199x300

The two man race requires people to team with someone to move an object held between them (in this case a bag of potato chips) to the finish line.Games3-300x274

And then there is the egg race. games2-300x245

When the lake is full, we have some wonderful Bloomingtonians who offer boat rides to those who sign up.





driving_boatSometimes they even let the students “drive” the boat.





All in all it is a good day and people sometimes jump for joy.